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Featured Wine: 2009 Teixar (D.O. Montsant)

December 24th, 2012

The Thanksgiving table is clean and the Christmas table is being set, but the memories of that incredible meal still linger. I usually pride myself on the presentation of an amazing meal which complements my wine of choice. This year the tables were turned. I was upstaged... by my wine selection! I guess if I have to take back seat to anything at least it was an incredible wine. I will state, however, that my delicious Spanish spice rubbed turkey breast and chorizo, sweet potato, and mushroom st...

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Featured Wine: 2006 Ètim Selección (DO Montsant)

February 13th, 2011

Sometimes you just feel like it is your lucky day. A couple of weeks ago I was perusing the Spanish wine section at Cost Plus World Market. Not normally the most robust selection, but every once in a while I score. It was one of these days. Having tried (and purchased) this wine on a couple of previous occasions I was curious as to why no price tag was displayed. I proceeded to check the price with an associate and to my disbelief it was (mistakenly) priced at $5.88! I grabbed a shopping cart, h...

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Featured Wine: 2004 La Universal “Venus” (DO Montsant) – Holiday Edition

December 28th, 2010

The tradition is official now. For years my Christmas dinner was nothing more than hunting for an open restaurant in the vicinity of a movie theater showing something of interest. Odd, I know, especially since I absolutely love to cook! It was not until my trip to Catacurian in October 2009 that my future Christmas dinners would gain a glimmer of holiday hope. Many a traditional Catalan Christmas includes Pollastre amb Prunes i Pinyons (Chicken with Prunes and Pine Nuts). Now mine does. Of cours...

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Choosing the Culinary Vacation That’s Right For You

February 2nd, 2010

It seems that the holidays are all but a distant memory now. For those of us who spend our 40+ hours a week in a mundane, unfulfilling job the only glimmer of hope is the occasional day off due to a random holiday popping up on the calendar and, of course, vacation! This is where our story begins... As I sat at the mahogany-colored desk situated squarely within the four walls of my dreary, beige-colored office adorned with posters of travel destinations – any of which I would rather be visiting...

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Featured Wine: 2005 Castell de Les Pinyeres (Montsant)

January 24th, 2010

This week's Wine of the Week comes as a bit of a surprise even to me! Last night I was joined for dinner by a couple of friends and I had the 2005 Castell de Les Pinyeres as our "backup" to our lead wine. Thinking that it would be a bit nostalgic to drink this wine - this wine is produced in the small village (El Masroig) in which I spent a week last Fall - I was amazed when I opened it as to how fantastic it proved to be (especially for it's price point of around $15). The El Masroig winery was...

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