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Tour del Vino Gallego: The Wines of ViniGalicia

December 9th, 2012

Summer has bid adieu and the fall color palette has taken over the landscape. In picturesque villages amidst the mountainous terrain of northwestern Spain one wine group in particular is working diligently to introduce the world to amazing wines produced in some of Spain's lesser-known wine areas. Believe me when I say they know what they are doing! With a tradition reaching back more than 70 years, ViniGalicia as a group was born in 1996. This heritage and experience has provided ViniGalicia wi...

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Tasting the Future (and Past) of Spanish Wine

April 1st, 2012

I hail from the land of butter-bomb Chardonnays and high-alcohol Cabernets. It is a place where numerous winemakers conform to the new norm of producing wine in an effort to gain a rating worthy of the Robert Parker elite rather than create a wine which characterizes the body and soul of the winemaker, the grape, and the land. Yes, I live in California. This is not to say there are not amazing wines being produced here by people with a love for the vine and the process. There are many. The forme...

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A Foreigner’s Guide to Spanish Cheese: Vaca/Cow (Part 3 of 5)

February 6th, 2011

Traversing the craggy mountaintops and mountainsides of the Iberian terrain we descend to the lush, green pastures of the mountains and valleys of (predominantly) Northern Spain. Our gaze turns from the agile and energetic goat (cabra) to the more docile and passive cow (vaca). They graze primarily on the stretch of land that extends from the Cantabric Mountains (Galicia to Pais Vasco) to the Pyrenees (Navarra, Aragon, and Cataluña). The continental climate ensures copious amounts of rainfall an...

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