Txacolí de Getaria (Getariako Txakolina)

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Champions and Txakoli

June 5th, 2011

Spanish sports are on a roll these days. The Spanish National futbol team won the 2010 World Cup; Alberto Contador won the 2010 Tour de France; and Rafa Nadal continues to dominate the tennis court. The streak was recently extended last Saturday as FC Barcelona took to Wembley Stadium to square off against Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League final match. Ninety minutes later the boys in red and blue emerged victorious with a 3:1 win over the "hometown" favorite.  As is ...

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Txakoli: Doesn’t He Know How To Use Spell Check?

June 30th, 2009

I thought it would be fun to begin my wine posts with a fairly obscure wine and region - yet one that is increasingly available in the U.S. With the screaming entrance of summer (evidenced by the 80+ degree weather in San Diego this weekend) I thought I would introduce you to a refreshing wine for this time of the year. My friend Kat and I hosted a Spanish wine tasting at the wine shop she works at (KnB Wine Cellar) and came across this wine. Txakoli is the primary wine (predominantly an a...

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